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Co-Ciricullar Activities in MVN

To promote maximum and equitable participation in various co-curricular activities, all the students are divided into four houses viz. Lotus, Marigold, Rose and Sunflower and each house is divided into six groups viz. A (K.G.), B (I-II), C (III-IV), D (V-VI), E (VII-VIII), and F (IX-XII) . The participation is by way of inter-house or interclass competitions arranged on working days. The Calender for these activities for 2015-16 is given under:-


Note:(1) The date/day of an activity can be changed depending on weather & local conditions.(2) From a group of the house any number of students can participate, out of which best three will be adjudged.(3) The activity will be in last two periods of the day. If there is no activity on the day the regular time-table of I-II period of same day will be followed in the classes.(4) Sports activities for F group will be scheduled in Nov-Dec.(5) The date/day of Annual Sports Day and Annual Day will be decided after first term. tentatively in Nov./Dec 2015.

SR No. Date Day Activities Solo/Group Open /Interhouse Groups
1 23-4-19 TUESDAY Word Building Group I-H B
2 24-4-19 WEDNESDAY Word Building Group I-H C
3 25-4-19 THURSDAY Sentance Building Group I-H D
4 26-4-19 FRIDAY Sentence Building Group I-H E
5 27-4-19 SATURDAY Declanation Solo Open F
6 18-6-19 TUESDAY English Poem Recitation Solo Open B
7 19-6-19 WEDNESDAY English Poem Recitation Solo Open C
8 20-6-19 THURSDAY English Poem Recitation Solo Open D
9 21-6-19 FRIDAY Vocal Music Solo Open E
10 22-6-19 SATURDAY Vocal Music Solo Open F
11 25-6-19 TUESDAY Hindi Poem Recitation Solo Open B
12 26-6-19 WEDNESDAY Hindi Poem Recitation Solo Open C
13 27-6-19 THURSDAY Hindi poem Recitation Solo Open D
14 28-6-19 FRIDAY one act play on Social Issue Solo Open E/F
15 02-7-19 TUESDAY Drawing Competition Solo Open B
16 03-7-19 WEDNESDAY Drawing Competition Solo Open C/D
17 05-7-19 FRIDAY On the Spot Painting Solo OPEN E
18 06-7-19 SATURDAY Advertisment Group I-H F
19 09-7-19 TUESDAY Sports Kho-Kho Matches Group I-H B
20 10-7-19 WEDNESDAY Sports Kho-Kho Matches Group I-H C
21 11-7-19 THURSDAY Football Matches / Carrom / Chess Group I-H D
22 12-7-19 FRIDAY Football Matches / Carrom / Chess Group I-H E
23 23-7-19 TUESDAY English Calligarphy Solo Open B
24 24-7-19 WEDNESDAY English Calligraphy Solo Open C
25 25-7-19 THURSDAY Story Telling Solo Open D
26 26-7-19 FRIDAY Dance Solo Open E
27 27-7-19 SATURDAY Dance Solo Open F
28 30-7-19 TUESDAY Story Telling Solo Open B/C
29 01-8-19 THURSDAY Spell Bee Group I-H D
30 02-8-19 FRIDAY Spell Bee Group I-H E
31 03-8-19 SATURDAY Debate Solo Open F
32 06-8-19 TUESDAY Quiz Group I-H B
33 07-8-19 WEDNESDAY Quiz Group I-H C
34 08-8-19 THURSDAY Quiz Group I-H D
35 09-8-19 FRIDAY Quiz Group I-H E
36 13-8-19 TUESDAY Rakhi -Making Solo Open B/C/D
37 14-8-19 WEDNESADY Mehndi Solo Open E/F
38 16-8-19 FRIDAY Sports Volleyball/Cricket/Bandminton Group I-H E
39 17-8-19 SATURDAY Sports Volleyball/Cricket/Bandminton Group I-H F
40 27-8-19 TUESDAY Mathematical Ability SOlo Open B
41 28-8-19 WEDNESDAY Mathematical Ability SOlo Open C
42 29-8-19 Thursday Mathematical Ability SOlo Open D
43 30-8-19 FRIDAY Mathematical Ability SOlo Open E
44 03-09-19 TUESDAY Hindi Pakhwada     B
45 04-09-19 Wednesday Hindi Pakhwada     C
46 05-09-19 Thursday Hindi Pakhwada     D
47 06-09-19 FRIDAY Hindi Pakhwada     E
48 07-09-19 SATURDAY Hindi Pakhwada     F
49 01-10-19 TUESDAy Picture Description Group I-H B
50 03-10-19 THURSDAY Picture Description Group I-H C/D
51 04-10-19 FRIDAY Poster/College making Solo I-H E,F
52 10-10-19 THURSDAY Character Enactment Solo Open D
53 11-10-19 FRIDAY Character Enactment Solo Open E
54 15-10-19 TUESDAY Best out of Waste Solo Open B
55 16-10-19 WEDNESDAY Best out of Waste Solo Open c
56 17-10-19 THURSDAY Best out of Waste Solo Open D
57 18-10-19 FRIDAY Best out of Waste Solo Open E
58 19-10-19 SATURDAY Quiz Group I-H F
59 22-10-19 WEDNESDAY Card Making Solo Open B/C
60 23-10-19 THURSDAY Card Making Solo Open D
61 24-10-19 FRIDAY Rangoli & Diya/Aarti Thali Decoration G/S Open E/F
62 05-11-19 TUESDAY Paper Tearing and Pasting Activity Group I-H B
63 06-11-19 WEDNESDAY Making of Animal Masks Solo Open C
64 07-11-19 THURSDAY News Reading in details Solo Open D
65 08-11-19 FRIDAY Slogan Writing/Clay Modelling G/S Open E
66 13-11-19 WEDNESDAY Sentence Making with Flash Cards Group I_H C
67 14-11-19 THURSDAY Show & Tell Activity Group I_H D
68 15-11-19 FRIDAY Footvall Indoor Games/Carrom Solo Open E
69 16-11-19 SATURDAY Chess/MOck Parliament G/S Open F
70 26-11-19 TUESDAY Class/House Display Board Competition Group I-H B
71 27-11-19 WEDNESDAY Class/House Display Board Competition Group I-H C
72 28-11-19 THURSDAY Class/House Display Board Competition Group I-H D
73 29-11-19 FRIDAY Class/House Display Board Competition Group I-H E