ClassTution FeeTerm FeeComputer FeeActivities FeeScience FeeTotal (Quarterly)(Yearly)
K.G. 3400 375 --- 225 --- 4000 16000
I & II 3800 450 275 275 --- 4800 19200
III-V 4100 450 275 275 --- 5100 20400
VI-VIII 5200 450 275 275 --- 6200 24800
IX-X 5650 450 450 275 375 7200 28800
XI-XII (Science with Computer) 6175 450 750 275 950 8600 34400
XI-XII (Commerce without Computer) 6175 450 --- 275 --- 6900 27600

Tansport Charges will depend on the distance (Transport not compulsory)
For K.G.Class Fixed Rs.3000 (per quarter)
For I-XII Students upto 10 k.m. Rs.3500/-(per quarter)
Beyond 10 k.m. Rs.3700/-(per quarter)

Charges for Karate & Skating is Rs.50/- Per month (Give to class teacher in class room per month)

Fee is to be deposited through crossed Cheque Onlyin favour of “MAHAPRAGYA VIDYA NIKETAN”



Admission Fee Rs. :15000/-(Non-Refundable).

Prospectus and Registration Form Charges: Rs.300/-

  1. Fee is to be quaterly on the dates given below :
    1. 1st Quarter – 1st to 10th April
    2. 2nd Quarter – 1st to 10th July
    3. 3rd Quarter – 1st to 10th Oct
    4. 4th Quarter – 1st to 10th Jan
  2. Month wise payments of fees will not be accepted.
  3. Fees is deposited through crossed cheque only in favour of “MAHAPRAGYA VIDYA NIKETAN”.
  4. For Late payments of fees upto 20 days a fine of Rs.50/- per week or part that of should be sent along with the fee. Thereafter the will be struck off from the roll and readmission fee of Rs.2000/- will be charged, If the parent want to continue his/her ward’s studies in the school.
  5. Absence Fine of Rs.2/- per day(I-V) and Rs. 5/-Per day (VI onwards) will be charged if a student is absent without prior leave application.
  6. The transport charges may increase with the increase of fuel prices.

Studies prevelant through various levels.

LevelMain SubjectsOther Subjects
K.G. English,Hindi,Maths & General Knowledge Fine Art,Music,Physical & Health Education
I-V English,Hindi,Maths & Environment Studies (EVS) Fine Art,Music,Craft,Computer,Physical & Health Education
VI-VIII English,Hindi,Maths,Science ,Social Science & Gujarati/Sanskrit ——do——
IX-X English Communicative,Hindi CourseA,Maths,Science & Social Science Fine Arts,Work Education, Computer,Physical & Health Education, Co. Scholastic Areas Like Life Skills, Attitude,Values,Co Curricular Activities.
XI-XII (Science) English Core,Physics,Chemistry and Maths or Biology, Hindi Core or Computer Science Work Education,General Studies, Physical& Health Education
XI-XII (Commerce) English Core,Hindi Core, ComputerScience,Maths,Economics, Accounting,Business Studies ——do——

Admissions timings for various classes

K.G. In January-february of preceeding Academic Session.
I-X In April, May, June of the Academic Session.
XI In June of the Academic Session.

*IX-XII no admission is allowed after 31 st July.
* In other classes new Admissions depend on availability of seats.
*All admissions are Subject to a school based eligibility test, except for class XI.
*For class-XI science a students should have minimum B1-Grade in Science, Maths & English and CGPA-7.6.
*For class-XI commerce a student should have minimum B1-Grade in English and B2 in Maths & Science and CGPA-6.4.
*Change of subject is not allowed after registration in the board.